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by webos catalog Tue, 22 Feb 2011 8:53 am EST
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Infos, Tutorials: http://tachograph.prebeta.net

Keep your costs in mind.

With this tool you can capture in the simplest way your fuel receipts, and can include other additional costs incurred for your car (repairs, car washes, etc.).

It does not matter if you have only one vehicle or carry your entire vehicle fleet.

The extensive analysis, you always have an eye on the vehicle costs incurred. The configurable main points shows the costs relevant to you (eg total cost, or just the monthly fuel costs). Tachograph can connect to an existing Spritmonitor account and offers the opportunity to directly export receipts.

The extensive specification of vehicle information allows a detailed analysis and high comfort of use: The detection of license plate and vehicle photo allows rapid assignment of tank receipt to vehicle Specifying types of tires used a detailed evaluation of fuel consumption allows for examples.

Other highlights:
- Detailed information such as vehicle license plate and vehicle photo facilitate the assignment and the rapid change in an existing vehicle fleet.
- Specify the type of tire used, precise evaluation of consumption makes the distinction in summer / winter).
- Import & export of your data.

Planned features:
- Import of Spritmonitpr.
- Tachograph (including GPS).

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