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by Adam Marks
Jun 09, 2011
While the Pre's 3.1" screen isn't as big as some of the larger phones on the market, losing a little bit of screen real estate for the top bar and the notification dashboard may be an annoyance but...
by Tim Stiffler-Dean
May 27, 2011
In a document tipped to us from HP Laboratories, we can finally get an idea of how HP plans on bringing multiple-user video conferencing to webOS devices (especially smartphones and tablets)....
by Derek Kessler
Aug 13, 2009
Our friend Marco went out to the preDevCamp at Palm HQ in Sunnyvale, California, and lucky us, he took a video camera and blogged it up (mad props to you, mate!). Aside from some delicious-...
by Derek Kessler
May 28, 2009
It wasn't just D7 with Pre action, it also popped up yesterday at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. The web developer get-together is all about web applications and standards, and of...