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webOS Synergy Google sync safe from Google's ActiveSync shut down
by Derek Kessler
Dec 17, 2012
When Google announced last week that they were going to be shutting down support for new synchronization connections via Exchange ActiveSync, we were a little worried. Obviously that meant that...
Google killing new ActiveSync support for Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar
by Derek Kessler
Dec 14, 2012
Today Google announced that, effective 30 January 2013 the company will be shutting down new set-ups for their Google Sync service and its accompanying Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. The...
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM
Aug 09, 2011
As HP intensifies its webOS push into the enterprise market, it faces an increased focus on security features and management. One area where webOS has lagged somewhat behind competitors is in its...
by Dieter Bohn
Aug 31, 2010
As expected, Microsoft has turned on Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail users. This means that Hotmail users can now get their email, calendar, and contacts fully pushed out to plenty of mobile...