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by Adam Marks
Jul 12, 2011
When you add any IM account to the messaging app (GTalk, AIM, Skype), you can set your status as being Available, Busy, or Offline directly from the Messaging app. In the top-left corner of the...
by Derek Kessler
Oct 23, 2009
Agile Mobile recently unveiled a preview of an app they’re working on: Agile Messenger for Palm Pre. While the fact that messaging apps are on the way for the Pre is no surprise, the feature...
by Dieter Bohn
Jun 03, 2009
Review of the Palm Pre's new integrated messaging application, bringing together your contacts and conversations like never before. When done here, head on over to PreCentral's comprehensive Palm Pre...
by Derek Kessler
May 29, 2009
So, having had the chance to run through the dozen or so videos from TheInvisibleMan of, we’ve got a few new things to report, plus some new videos. First up is the look at the...