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Arthur Thornton

Sparrow getting Enyo 2 makeover and new name
by Ryan St. Andrie
Oct 14, 2012
If you've been in the webOS community for a while you are probably familiar with the name Arthur Thornton. His various contributions to the homebrew scene, popular apps, two-time webOS Developer...
App Review: Sparrow
by Ryan St. Andrie
Jun 04, 2012
Twitter apps are some of the most popular apps for every platform out there and webOS is no exception to the rule. Once upon a time there were so many third party Twitter clients for webOS that it...
by Tim Stiffler-Dean
Apr 01, 2011
After 20 days and plenty of entries, we have finally completed our random drawing to find the winner of our book giveaway, "Are YOU the Greatest webOS Fan?" Every person who had commented on our...
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM
Mar 09, 2011
Back in October, we wrote the eulogy for MotionApps' Classic, the PalmOS emulator for webOS that enabled users to continue to utilize legacy apps not yet available on webOS (or that had been but...
by Adam Marks
Jan 10, 2011
Hot on the heals of learning that a music indexer API appears to be built into webOS 2.0 with the preview of Koto Player, it also appears that the long-awaited microphone API is also now available...