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camera for touchpad

by Derek Kessler
Aug 29, 2011
A good many of you missed out on last week’s six-pack of promo codes from HP. Fear not, for the apps are back. Well, sort of – the six pack is back, but HP’s mixed in a different set of apps this...
by Derek Kessler
Aug 25, 2011
Promo codes are fun and wonderful things. There’s a reason we give away a whole slew of them every week (this week: 20 copies of NDrive GPS navigation!). After practically giving away their...
by Adam Marks
Aug 08, 2011
This review is based on the unreleased version 0.2.9 of the Camera app and contains many updates not in the version currently in the App Catalog NOTE: You must be running webOS 3.0.2 in order for...