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Dieter Bohn

by Adam Marks
Feb 02, 2011
To close out our series of the Staff Picks for our Tips of the Day, we have our Editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn present us with his top picks. Interestingly enough, all but one of his favorites has...
by Derek Kessler
Dec 29, 2009
The competition for “most open” software platform will always be a fierce one. It all depends on what your definition of “open” is. Do that mean open and easy development, like webOS, or do you...
by Derek Kessler
Dec 20, 2009
Of all the smartphone platforms in play for this year’s Smartphone Round Robin, webOS is clearly the very newest. Outside of our own Dieter Bohn, none of the other Smartphone Experts network...
by Robert Werlinger
Oct 14, 2009
  Back on October 5th, Palm announced their App Distribution Program, slated for a December release.  In that press release were details of how developers can get their applications into the App...