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add ebook to pReader
by Adam Marks
Jan 30, 2013
One of the benefits of modern technology is that you almost always have your smartphone with you, especially when you are away from home. In addition to being able to do things like accessing your...
by Derek Kessler
Jun 17, 2010
Are you ready for a blast from the past? I doubt it, but here it goes anyway: iSilo is being developed for webOS. Yeah, that just happened. The classic iSilo eBook/document reader from way back...
by Derek Kessler
Jan 05, 2010
Over what the Palm Pre has right now, this sucker’s got a front-facing camera in addition to the one with flash on the back, dual SIM card slots, Java functions, a full QWERT keyboard, FM radio...
by Dieter Bohn
Oct 16, 2009
The options for newcomers to learn how to use the Palm Pre and webOS keep growing. The latest is Palm Pre Made Simple from Martin Trautschold and Gary Mazo of Made Simple Learning. It's available...