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by Jonathan Downer
Jul 27, 2009
Anyone intersted in a little email preview action?  Forum member imop45 discovered [also noted at jkOnTheRun] that you can use a multitouch gesture to preview emails without opening them. It's a...
by Derek Kessler
Jul 07, 2009
Want to sync Notes and Memos from your Pre to your Desktop and vice versa? I wish I could tell you that you could actually synchronize the notes from the Memos application on your Pre, but then I...
by Dieter Bohn
Jul 02, 2009
You can still bring up the menu on the Palm Pre while in landscape mode.  You may have noticed that when you put the Palm Pre into landscape mode in the browser or in email (after applying the...
by Jason Robitaille
Jun 07, 2009
For a long time now, it's been known that when you switch to the Pre, you won't have any sort of local syncing options.  To many, the old PalmOS hotsync was vital system, allowing both backup...
by Dieter Bohn
Jun 03, 2009
Multiple accounts, a unified inbox, and push Gmail? Can it get any better? Check out the video below, and then be sure to head on over to PreCentral's comprehensive Palm Pre review for all the rest.