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by Adam Marks
Aug 31, 2012
SynergGV 2, by Eric Blade, allows you to send and receive Google Voice messages directly in the stock Messaging app on your TouchPad (or webOS phone, if you are homebrew savvy), but has a pretty big...
SynerGV 2 on phones
by Adam Marks
Aug 29, 2012
Touchpad owners who use Google Voice received a treat last month when SynerGV 2 was released into the App Catalog with synergy integration of Google Voice messaging and voicemail transcription...
SynerGV 2 lands, bringing Google Voice messaging integration to TouchPads
by Derek Kessler
Jul 30, 2012
A few weeks back we mentioned how one of our essential webOS apps - Eric Blade's GVoice - was getting a rebrand and some new features for TouchPad users. Ladies and gentlemen, that time has...
Novacom hacked to work over Wi-Fi, wireless app installs on the horizon
by arthurthornton
Apr 02, 2012
As a mobile app developer, I can definitely say one of the least pleasant things about webOS development is that to deploy applications you are required to plug in your webOS device to your computer...