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by Robert Werlinger
May 17, 2010
We've had a good idea of how the update process works for webOS for some time now, but the exact lag between when Palm submits a firmware update to a carrier and when that carrier finally green-...
by Jason Robitaille
Oct 23, 2009
When the Palm Pre came to Bell Mobility, many people were upset to see much of the added Sprint flavor missing, with nothing special added by Bell.  Some of the core programs of the Sprint Pre...
by Jonathan Downer
Jun 16, 2009
Before we begin, let us preface this with the usual "Take this rumor with a rather large dosage of salt". One of our forum members has recently spoken with a Sprint CSR (hence the salt dosage),...
by Derek Kessler
Jun 03, 2009
Thanks to Darth Pooh on our forums for the awesome tip: the Palm Pre’s firmware has been updated from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.2. Number changes like that indicate that it’s a maintenance release of...