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GuttenPodder - Add feed
by Adam Marks
Jan 14, 2013
This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.x While GuttenPodder by Walter Koch is the latest Open Source update to the original webOS podcatcher app drPodder, but it's not just a...
GuttenPodder Authentication dropdown
by Adam Marks
Dec 28, 2012
If you are a webOS user and a podcast listener, chances are you are using drPodder (or podFrency or GuttenPodder, the open source updates to drPodder) to listen to your podcasts. In most cases, all...
by Adam Marks
Oct 08, 2012
First there came prePod, an amazing Hombrew podcast app by DrNull with features that rivaled any podcatcher on any other mobile platform. Then prePod was renamed to drPodder and graduated into the...