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Homebrew Google Maps updated with 45° imagery, indoor Street View, and OpenStree
by Derek Kessler
Dec 05, 2012
One of our favorite homebrew apps has received another update, enabling yet more functionality. The app is Google Maps, an unofficial homebrew replacement for the Bing Maps app that brings far more...
Google Maps Pin Marker
by Adam Marks
Nov 28, 2012
At webOS Nation we are big fans of the homebrew Google Maps app by Jan Herman (72ka). It brings many needed features that were absent from the official old-and-defunct Google Maps or the new Bing...
Google Maps follow mode
by Adam Marks
Oct 10, 2012
The Google Maps homebrew app, as we recently tipped, is a significant enhancement to the mapping experience on webOS as compared to either the original Google Maps app or the current Bing maps....