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Draw on photo with Just Draw
by Adam Marks
Apr 18, 2012
Have you ever wanted to annotate or draw on a photo on your TouchPad but didn't know how to? While it may not be as sophisticated as the options on other platforms, Just Draw by Volatile Nuances...
webOS apps for designers
by Sharon L Copeland
Apr 09, 2012
Form, function, color, and style are the hallmarks of great design. If great designers like Jamie Drake or Candice Olsen lacked one of these components they would not have created the show-stopping...
by Adam Marks
Jul 12, 2011
Just Draw, by Volatile Nuances, is an aptly named app for the Touchpad that will allow you to just draw on the Touchpad.  For the low price of free, you can drag your finger across the screen and...