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Use Nokia's Here mapping service on your webOS smartphone, thanks to homebrew
by Derek Kessler
Nov 16, 2012
Earlier this week, Nokia rebranded their pretty-darn-good Nokia Maps as 'Here' and launched their maps outside of Microsoft's Bing and Windows Phone platforms (and Nokia's own much-...
Google Maps follow mode
by Adam Marks
Oct 10, 2012
The Google Maps homebrew app, as we recently tipped, is a significant enhancement to the mapping experience on webOS as compared to either the original Google Maps app or the current Bing maps....
aHomebrewer brings Google Maps back to webOS, makes it so much better than befor
by Derek Kessler
Apr 20, 2012
webOS launched with Google Maps integration, but after Palm was bought by Microsoft best-buddy HP, they switched over to Redmond's solution of Bing Maps. There are reasons to like Bing Maps -...
App Review: WebOSM
by Scott Rose
Mar 27, 2012
We all know that choice is good. Choice gives us freedom. We celebrate our ability to make the choices we want, such as Pepsi or Coke. Mac or PC. If you've ever felt the need for choice in your...