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by Sharon L Copeland
Jun 25, 2012
Technology has come a long way since the digital media was first introduced with the Compact Disc. Not only are our devices even smaller, let alone that boom box you used to carry on your shoulder....
by Tim Stiffler-Dean
May 20, 2011
HP is blowing it up when it comes to finding great launch partners for the TouchPad this Summer. Last week we saw WhitePages released to the public with anticipation for a tablet version, and we...
by Adam Marks
Nov 03, 2010
Hopefully everyone knows that you can plug in your webOS device to speakers, a car stereo or any device with an auxiliary input jack using the phone's headphone jack to output audio, but did you know...
by Adam Marks
Oct 19, 2010
Welcome to "Homebrew Week" for PreCentral's Tip of the day. We will be focusing on some simple Homebrew apps, patches or hacks that will help you add some key functionality to your phone. No...
by Jonathan Downer
Jun 26, 2009
Before we begin, you might be wondering what exactly is this "Orb" thing, and why it matters. To put simply, Orb allows you to stream media content from your home PC to just about anything that...
by Dieter Bohn
Apr 20, 2009
How do you know when the a gadget is on its way towards catching on in the national consciousness?  Here's one clue: when it's featured in Playboy magazine.  According to Anthony, it shows up on...