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by Adam Marks
May 02, 2012
neato!, by Geoff Gauchet (or Zhephree, as he is known around these parts) is an amazing app that brings the ability to send any text or URLs between your webOS device and your computer (or another...
by Tim Stiffler-Dean
Aug 31, 2011
The free app ColorHarmony by CodingBees has been around in the webOS App Catalog since the days of the original Sprint Palm Pre, and has recently received an update to bring it to the TouchPad. It...
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM
Nov 11, 2010
webOS developer Geoff Gauchet, aka Zhephree, has been very busy of late. Not only has he recently updated his Foursquare application with new functions and bug fixes, but he just released the...
by Derek Kessler
Aug 28, 2010
It’s time for new apps! Huzzah! What, you want some highlights first? Fine, I’ll give you two: neato!, which we profiled just the other day, is $1.43 app from Zhephree designed to allow you to...