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Novacom hacked to work over Wi-Fi, wireless app installs on the horizon
by arthurthornton
Apr 02, 2012
As a mobile app developer, I can definitely say one of the least pleasant things about webOS development is that to deploy applications you are required to plug in your webOS device to your computer...
Novacom USB communication toolset released to open source
by Derek Kessler
Mar 29, 2012
Today saw yet another release along the Open webOS roadmap, with Novacom and Novacomd finding their way onto GitHub. The two pieces comprise a generic communication toolset used to communicate...
open webOS
by Derek Kessler
Mar 01, 2012
With yesterday's release of the Enyo 2.0 UI widgets bringing February's code commitment for Open webOS to a close, it's time now to look forward to March. webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt took...