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add ebook to pReader
by Adam Marks
Jan 30, 2013
One of the benefits of modern technology is that you almost always have your smartphone with you, especially when you are away from home. In addition to being able to do things like accessing your...
by Derek Kessler
Aug 17, 2010
Okay, yeah, another light day. But it was Monday, and we can’t exactly fault people for not being fully into it on Monday, right? In other news, there is now Sims 3 for the Pixi, both US and...
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM
Mar 01, 2010
pReader, a homebrew graduate that already supported Secure eReader and Secure Mobipocket formats for e-books (something that has substantially softened the impact of eReader’s own lack of webOS...
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM
Feb 04, 2010
Contrary to what Jason Robitaille wrote a few months ago, eReader may not be coming to webOS after all. jeffro77 reported the following recently in the PreCentral Forums that the