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AIOSettings homebrews together a unified System Preferences app for TouchPad
by Derek Kessler
Jun 01, 2012
We wrote about it in a webOS Wish List entry a few months back, and today it's reality. Thanks to homebrew developer Garrett92C, the unified System Preferences app finally exists for TouchPad...
The webOS Wish List: A unified Preferences app
by Derek Kessler
Mar 26, 2012
If there's one thing to like about iOS, it's that all of your preferences and settings are accessible through one app: Settings. It's, at least in my mind, poorly organized and hit-or-...
by Adam Marks
Mar 18, 2011
While you won't find the dozens of options available to you on your typical desktop browser, the web browser in webOS does offer you a few options to choose from. There are 3 main sets of options...
by Dieter Bohn
Jun 03, 2009
Reviewing the myriad preferences pages of the Palm Pre. Had enough? Nope, we know you haven't so run over to our comprehensive Palm Pre review here on PreCentral to get your Pre fix.