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Quick Post

Twitter Hero
by Ryan St. Andrie
Feb 27, 2013
Twitter, that lovely place where we all send random 140 character snippets of news, thoughts, and rants. Love it or hate it Twitter is an important part of social networking and has played a very...
Add photo to Quick Post message
by Adam Marks
Apr 23, 2012
Quick Post, by Hedami, is a great way to take advantage of Quick Actions in webOS by posting to your Twitter or Facebook accounts directly from Just Type. Without even loading up an app, it's...
by Derek Kessler
Apr 20, 2011
Join us as we talk to developers large and small in the webOS community. This week: Dan Perlberger. Are you a developer interested in getting spotlighted? Hit us up! Name: Dan Perlberger...
by Derek Kessler
Apr 19, 2011
Last week may have been slow for the App Catalog, but this week if off to a fast start. Calendar Weather 2, $0.99, by FridayApps.com. [webOS 2.0] Get your local weather forecast directly in...
by Derek Kessler
Apr 17, 2011
There are many ways to post the same content onto sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the methods aren’t always so accurate. Yes, there are services to make Twitter go to Facebook, but those are...
by Derek Kessler
Apr 13, 2011
Dan Perlberger of HedamiSoft is a busy guy. Not only has he released GeoStrings and Music Player (Remix) into the App Catalog, he’s busy working on a new app called Quick Post. The concept behind...