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Checking out the Galaxy Nexus Open webOS port virtual keyboard
by Derek Kessler
Oct 31, 2012
Having successfully completed the build process for the Open webOS alpha on the Galaxy Nexus, I knew that the next time it came around I'd have a better idea of what to do. Mostly because I'...
Tweaking Open webOS for phone-sized screens
by Derek Kessler
Oct 23, 2012
Last week we showed you what Open webOS on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus looks like, as ported by the team at WebOS Ports. It's still a fairly early alpha project, and right now a lot of emphasis is...
by Dieter Bohn
Jan 19, 2011
Engadget claims to have more details on the 9" Topaz webOS tablet and the 7" Opal webOS tablet. Let's see what the latest rumors are, eh? Rumored Hardware specs: Opal will measure 180 x 144 x 13 mm...
by Jason Robitaille
Sep 10, 2009
Now that the Pixi has been announced to fit 320x400px (80 pixels shorter than the Pre), there have been a fair bit of questions raised, in regards to application compatibility.  You can all...