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by Dieter Bohn
Feb 05, 2010
  We knew that the Palm Pre was coming to SFR in France, but details on the launch have been a little harder to track down. Looks like it's coming quite soon, as SFR is having a launch party for...
by Robert Werlinger
Jan 11, 2010
A few months ago we were laughing at/with Palm investor Roger McNamee after his All Things D interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. And this year at CES, Palm saw fit to send just CEO Jon...
by Derek Kessler
Jan 07, 2010
Today at CES, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and SFR CEO Jean Marc Tassetto announced that the Palm Pre would be available on the French wireless network. SFR is a GSM network, owned by Vivendi and...