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The webOS Wish List: Refined cursor placement
by Derek Kessler
Feb 15, 2012
You're typing away on your TouchPad, pounding out a good paragraph or two in response to an email from the boss. You look it over, noticing that you wrote horde instead of horse, and you're...
by Adam Marks
Jan 20, 2011
When composing an email in webOS, you don't need to settle for just plain, boring black text. You are actually able to use bold, underline or italics, and you can change the color of the text....
by Dieter Bohn
Apr 26, 2009
The Palm webOS development book from O'Reilly is coming out chapter by chapter.  We've already seen the overview in chapter 1, Application basics in chapter 2, and Widgets in chapter 3.  Well...