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Universe Dropdown
by Adam Marks
Apr 26, 2012
Despite the fact that webOS and its apps are built using web technologies, there is actually no native way to open up a local html file on webOS phones. You can download an .html or .htm file and...
Developer of Universe Web Browser returns to active webOS development
by arthurthornton
Apr 24, 2012
One of our favorite developers, Donald Kirker, has announced via his company blog that he plans to return to active development of his prize application, one of our favorite (and admittedly one of...
by Derek Kessler
Apr 26, 2011
Last week started off fast and then stalled somewhat, but little did we know there was an Easter surprise waiting for us this weekend. New apps! Headlines retrieves standard and custom search...
by Adam Marks
Apr 24, 2011
So you created a whole launcher page of great looking website browser icons, but then you purchased Universe Browser and realized that those icons still launch the websites in the stock...