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Dash Weather brings double-height weather status to your notification area
by Derek Kessler
Dec 01, 2012
One of the things we wish has been utilized more in the webOS notification area was the option to display a status bar of some sort. There've been a few apps, like Weather Dashboard (and its...
App Review: AccuWeather for TouchPad
by Sharon L Copeland
Mar 22, 2012
Editor's Note: Everybody give a warm welcome to our newest writer, one Sharon Copeland! She's a force of nature in the webOS community, though you probably know her as TeckieGirl from the...
by Derek Kessler
May 29, 2009
Well looky there, somebody actually came out and said they’re going to make an app for webOS. It’s WHERE, a company that specializes in location-based services that tie into your Pre’s GPS chip...