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web browser

by Adam Marks
Jan 12, 2011
Just as in your browser on our PC, you are able to bookmark webpages in webOS so you can quickly return to that site in the future. Your 12 most recently bookmarks are displayed as tiles when you...
by Jason Harrison
Oct 01, 2010
Dang, I think I got it backwards! Firefox on Palm Pre... Submit your suggestions on future PreDoodle comics!
by Derek Kessler
Feb 28, 2010
There is this test call the Acid3 Test, and it is designed to test a web browser’s compliance with web standards, with an emphasis placed on Document Object Model and JavaScript. For an...
by Robert Werlinger
Nov 16, 2009
In addition to the slew of enhancements in webOS 1.3.1 that are in the official Palm documentation, enterprising users in the forums have been picking through the newest release of the software,...