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by Tim Stiffler-Dean
Jun 04, 2011
If you're still looking out for an amazing deal on a HP Veer (as if the $49.99 without contract wasn't sweet enough for you), then Amazon has made it even more enticing to purchase a white...
by Derek Kessler
May 11, 2011
If you were wondering how a $99.99 AT&T HP Veer 4G would be able to compete with a $49 iPhone 3GS, the folks at Best Buy have the answer: free. That’s right, America’s top reseller of cellular...
by Dieter Bohn
Apr 29, 2011
PocketNow has scored a press image of the Veer clad in white plastic, fulfilling many a person's dream that it would be offered in colors other than black. The Veer also sports the AT&T...