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Create saverestore directory in Internalz
by Adam Marks
Jul 09, 2012
As we described in our previous tip, you can add a script to the Save/Restore app that will allow you to ZIP up your entire saverestore backups right from within the app. This can be beneficial...
Save Restore ZIP Creation
by Adam Marks
Jul 02, 2012
The WebOS Internals' homebrew app Save/Restore is great to backup your important application data in case you ever need to webOS Doctor you device, swap it out with a new device, or even transfer...
Open zip file from email
by Adam Marks
Jun 19, 2012
Archive Manager by pcworldSoftware was the first application in the app catalog that gave the regular webOS user the ability to create or extract archive files (e.g. zip, rar, tar, etc), while also...
by Adam Marks
Jan 10, 2012
While the ability to ZIP and UNZIP files directly on your webOS device has existed in homebrew via command line (or embedded in apps like Save/Restore from WebOS Internals) for a long time, the...