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Taking a screenshot [updates for webOS 2.x]

by Adam Marks Thu, 10 Mar 2011 11:43 am EST

Taking a screenshot in webOS 2.0 works the exact same as it does in webOS 1.0. Simply press the Option (orange or silver key) + Sym + P at the same time. You will find a copy of the screenshot (as a .png file) in the "Screen captures” folder in the Photos app and the "screencaptures" directory on your USB Drive. However, there are two noticeable differences of how screenshots work in webOS 2.0.

  1. Within the Photos app, the screenshots are sorted so that the most recent picture shows up first instead of last
  2. You can now take screenshots within PDK apps (such as Angry Birds or Sabre Ultimate). You can typically tell an app is a PDK app if you do not see the "top bar" on the screen that shows the name of the app, the time, your Wi-Fi/network signal strength and battery icon.



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