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Talkin' Palm - Edition 34

by Annie Latham Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:30 am EDT

With baseball season about to start, guess it is okay to throw a change-up into the mix. Talkin' Palm will still hit up the trends and the stuff we didn't post, but we'll be throwing in our favorite Tweets too. 

Since the last column, the shift has been from the earnings downer to another Palm Pre Plus victory in Laptop Magazine's Smartphone Madness.  The other item that really made the rounds was the fan made ad .

 Let's Talk Pre!


Other items of note:

  • Phone News Picks Pre Plus
    "In short, the Palm Pre Plus is likely to stay on top for 2010, and we think it’s the best buy out there. The Palm Pixi Plus is also a great choice, though it has a smaller screen, and comes down to personal preference for many. When gaming or going into a rugged environment, the Pre Plus is worth the extra fifty dollars, especially when staring down a two year contract."

What's Tweetin'

@palm This is what you need to aim for in the true Pre successor. #palmpre --marioc

@Palm marketing idea: get the #Palm #Pre into the hands of the Celebrity Apprentices. Or have #Trump give them the task of selling #webOS. --lware14

RT @scobleizer The Droid fails AS A PRODUCT when compared to Palm Pre and iPhone --KsbjA

That's a wrap!