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Talkin' Palm - Edition 35

by Annie Latham Thu, 08 Apr 2010 11:24 am EDT

The Verizon price drop, AT&T Pre Plus unboxing and "April Gladness" topped the news since the last edition of Talkin' Palm.

Go on and see the roundup of what's happening in webOS land, after the break! 

The top story, without a doubt, was Palm Pre Plus winning LAPTOP Magazine’s March Smart Phone MadnessIn his post, Jon Zilber made note of a comment made over at LAPTOP about the competition:

“Not only were webOS fans organized and enthusiastic, but they were articulate in WHY the Pre makes everyday life better for practical tasks. Not searching for stars in the sky…but practical stuff like integrating address books and multitasking email/txt/web/facebook in one fluid motion….I learned more about my phone from others, and I learned things that confirmed my decision to get the Pre+.”

Red Dot Awards - Palm Touchstone:  Fast Company got a sneak preview of the winners of Red Dot Awards ( the world's best product design).  The Palm Touchstone Charging Dock joins the Nike Sportswear Store, Herman Miller Setu Chair, Bombardier City Runner 2011 Tram, LG Electronics LE7500 LCD TV, Olympus E-PL1 PEN camera, HP Halo HCS 65 Telepresence Studio, Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard and, of course, the Apple iPad.  According to the reddot website, standards for the Red Dot awards are extremely high, and only the best achievements are rewarded.   

This year only approximately one per cent of all submitted products, i.e. 45 products in total, received the “red dot: best of the best”, the award for highest design quality.

What to do with Palm... Add some Seoul? Jonathan Hirshon (“The Guru of Silicon Valley”) wrote a piece that appeared at RCR Wireless News ("Helping Palm Find its Seoul") that proposed LG as a likely white knight for Palm:

"LG has the capital base to easily acquire Palm and in the process bring webOS - which according to Gartner Group had 0.7 percent of the 2009 smartphone market share - onto its hardware.

LG would also gain Palm's stronger US branding and deliver a kick in the teeth to Samsung in the process.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has publicly discussed LG as a Palm buyer – but if I was Elevation Partners, I'd be drawing up term sheets as I type these words."

Palm files Form 10-Q for PALM INC

comScore Reports February 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

Palm Parts with Ad Agency: AdAge reported Palm is severing ties with its advertising agency, Modernista, and is in the early stages of talks with other agencies for its future ad needs, according to executives familiar with the matter.  Modernista has handled advertising for Palm since the technology company launched its Pre smartphone last summer and the cheaper Pixi device later in the year.

webOS 1.4.1 Autocorrects UK Spellings. Nick from the UK, let us know Version 1.4.1 of webOS "makes spell autocorrect work for UK spellings. e.g 'draught' is no longer corrected to 'draft', 'cheque' is not corrected to check, customize is corrected to customise etc."

SPB Software announced the launch of SPB TV for webOS: Already available across platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, SPB TV for webOS promises access to over 120 international television channels as well as features including picture-in-picture channel preview, integrated TV guide, video-on-demand and adaptive network bandwidth control. The free, ad-supported SPB TV for webOS is available for download from the Palm App Catalog storefront.

PC World: 10 Must-Have Free Apps for Your webOS Phone

What's Tweetin'

"I wasn’t sure I’d be a smart phone convert but I am and I am loving this phone more than I think I’d love an iPhone. And I write this as a firm Apple addict!!! But I like the interface on the Palm Pre so much better than the interface on my iPod. I think it’s easier to use and I like the Verizon service. (I hear iPhone is coming to Verizon if you want to hold out but give the Palm Pre a look-see at your local Verizon store just in case.)"

My @Palm Pre Plus is turning into my goto gaming machine. Just bought Deer Hunter & Real Soccer 2010 to go with new Tom Clancy HAWX purchase - palmsolo Matthew Miller

update: Bold 9700 vs Palm Pre Part III - Media and Web -- boncle alf

Watching Flashforward. Seems exciting. And I've never seen more Palm Pre phones on any other tv show. --pedrosantosjr

Via @joshuatopolsky RT @avigreengart: Took the kids to the park along w/ the iPad and a @Palm Pre Plus (with mobile hotspot app).<-good idea
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