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The trending topics for this Edition include the arrival of the Palm Pre Plus at AT&T, the possibilities of a webOS tablet in the not so distant future (like Q3), and some accessories/apps worth noting.

AT&T Gets Palmed on May 16

At least, that's the buzz here at PreCentral and throughout the blogosphere. Digital Daily's John Paczkowki was quick to write about the high price:

AT&T said today that it will begin peddling the Palm (PALM) Pre Plus on May 16. Price: $150 after contract and mail-in rebate, which seems a bit high for a device that can be purchased from Verizon (VZ) for $29 along with free Mobile Hotspot service, or from Amazon (AMZN) for one cent.

For those wanting a GSM Palm Pixi Plus, the rumored date is June 6th.


HP-Palm News

Folks are still digesting the "HP buys Palm" news. James Rogers at TheStreet.com wrote a story ("Opportunity Lands in H-P's Palm") that talked about some of the challenges -- like preception.

Survey Results - Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's Business Pulse...
After a week, readers participating in the survey turned thumbs down on the deal by a narrow 50-48 percent margin.

Tom's Guide:  Reasons Apple Should Fear HP/Palm

Report: HP WebOS Tablet Only A Few Months Away - Reseller News is reporting the new tablet, supposedly code-named HP Hurricane, could be a major product launch for HP in the third quarter -- and a potential wedge driven between longtime partners HP and Microsoft.  Their source was Examiner.com, which over the weekend referenced an unnamed HP source as saying the HP Hurricane webOS tablet is very real and will likely be released in Q3.

Other highlights:

What's Tweetin'

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  • An app I worked on for Zumobi, Sporting News Baseball for the Palm Pre and Pixi, just got a big update. Get it in the App Catalog now. #fb -- danielclark
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  • Listening to the Newark Police scanner thanks to Scanner Stream on my @palm #pre. Loud music at Iberia's on Ferry Street! -- bnceo

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