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Talkin' Palm - Edition 46

by Annie Latham Fri, 25 Jun 2010 9:48 am EDT

Deals on webOS apps, a nice comparison of how the Sprint Palm Pre stacks up against the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, more comings and going at Palm, plus the "Flash" story are just some of the things folks are talkin' about in this edition.

To start, our sister site Android Central posted a very comprehensive comparison of the Sprint Palm Pre and the HTC Evo 4G. This was done by two guys, Craig Froehle and Don Ferguson, who are experts in the Palm OS of old and the webOS of new.

It is well worth the read. They talked a lot about performance: reliability, as a phone, as a generally usable device, for email & messaging, as a PIM, as a replacement device, and how these smartphones handle apps & maintenance.

Here are a few notable quotables:

  • "At the highest level, the concepts that are built into webOS make for a more globally consistent, transparent operation that is in many ways superior to Android. The three UI elements that give webOS this advantage are 1) the card model which makes what’s running very transparent and also makes open programs easier to get back to, 2) the gesture area, which gives each OS component and application a built-in, consistent way of navigating, and 3) the upper left corner menu (tap or swipe)." -- Don
  • "Right! webOS is extremely elegant in how it handles multitasking, at least from a user interface perspective. I don’t think anyone argues that there’s a better mobile OS" -- Craig
  • "Android seems to lean towards powerful, whereas webOS seems to lean towards simple convenience. I can’t say one is more 'elegant' than the other, but there’s definitely a different design ethos influencing each." -- Craig
  • Palm Pre "Universal Search is far from universal (one still cannot search the calendar, for instance, even after a year), but it’s handy to be able to just start typing something and have the option to find it on the device, in Google, Wikipedia, etc. You just start typing. Very handy" -- Don
  • "The Pre, limited though it may be in other areas, shows a great deal of thought when it comes to little touches in the user interface. -- Don
  • "If I could just toss both webOS and Android into a blender, we might have the ideal mobile OS. Maybe that’s what Matias (formerly Palm's webOS UI guru) will be doing at Google." -- Craig
  • " I LOVE Synergy. I have had zero complaints about how it merges records from different sources (e.g., Facebook, Google contacts, LinkedIn, etc) into unified contact profiles. In fact, if I could name one killer feature of webOS, this would be really is stellar." -- Craig

Make sure to read the comparison in its entirety and especially check out the conclusion.  It isn't surprising to Pre users. Clearly, HP-Palm has some work to do on the hardware side.

Another Week, Another Exit: Palm’s Temkin Joins AOL As Head Of Mobile.  David Temkin, the VP-developer platform for Palm, has left to head mobile for AOL. He will be reporting to Brad Garlinghouse, president of consumer applications, and, like him, will be based in AOL’s Mountain View office. 

New Palm Employee Interview... Former developer now Palm employee Dave Balmer

Elevation Partners taking a Break - According to a story by Adam Lashinsky of FORTUNE, the noise out of Elevation (Partners) is about retrenchment. The firm is cutting "fewer than 10" people, mostly in administrative functions and primarily because it no longer needs extra hands on deck what with HP (HPQ) taking Palm off its hands. Assuming "fewer than 10" means nine, and seeing as Elevation lists 13 administrative people on its website, the cuts are deep.

Flash Disconnect… What's the holdup?  - Palm says it has no idea why Adobe hasn't offered any signs of preparing to port Flash to webOS.  The strange part of this is that Adobe demonstrated a Flash Player for webOS back on February 17, 2010.  The Palm rep said his company doesn't "know what the hold-up is" with getting Flash to Palm's platform.  Here's a link to PreCentral's write-up.

App Price Cut - Half Price: Palm announced that the vast majority of webOS applications available via the device maker's App Catalog storefront are available at half off now through July 9.  Good news for webOS developers is that they will earn their 70% based on the standard retail price.

More on Apps: World Cup  - As we enter the next round of the FIFA World Cup, if you haven't done it yet, you might want to download an app or two to stay on top of the action.

Tip: Boosting Battery Life by Derek K.

More on the Palm Summer Tour This Saturday, Palm hits the Boardwalk.

Saturday June 26, 2010
Atlantic City Boardwalk 12pm–3pm & 4pm-8pm

What's Tweetin'

  • @TeckieGirl @palm sticker goodness on the back of the @palm pre. #webos @precentral via TweetMe for Palm in reply to TeckieGirl -- TheSavaLord
  • RT @webOSroundup: Roundup: World Cup Apps for webOS! (Read for our top recommendation!) … #palm #pre #pixi #worldcup -- Pre101
  • Motorola Droid Challenges Palm Pre Plus – Who Has the Better Smart Cell Phone? -- cellflare1
  • Bell releases $15/month Unlimited Mobile Browser Palm Pre promo -- imsoapple
  • Unlike HTC EVO, a Verizon Palm Pre has better battery & interface, and Wifi Hotspot is free, not 30$/month! [I went there.] -- judsontwit
  • Since I'm at the park lemme use my handy dandy palm pre and record the celtics/lakers game using my direct tv application -- ItsMe_OMG
  • Lights went out @ the bar. Good thing I had my @palm #pre and the @sprint TV app to finish watching the Brasil vs Ivory Coast game!! --gustavovaldes
  • Best thing at Costco while watching the ESPN broadcast of #worldcup on my @Sprint @Palm #Pre! I love having mobile TV! --VTjawo
  • Got my dad en evo 4g for Father's Day. His opinion of it: it's different. Should have gotten a @palm pre. If only Sprint had the plus. -- tophere
  • Just played 1/2 Straight of Jump O' Clock on my @Palm #Pre w/ #webOS, while sitting in front of my #PS3! (One of my Favs of the 50% Sale!) -- MrKal_El
  • Been using my @palm #pre to help my baby sleep! Rockus rain sounds and twitter even fb + others! #webos rocks multitasking! -- johnj2803
  • Pandora for Palm Pre allows you to rate songs from any app: -- jtjdt
  • My Pre is now running at 1ghz! It's amazing how much my phone has improved via @Palm updates and the homebrew community! -- ethic3
  • Multitasking on iOS makes it a lot more like using the Pre. Shame about the UI though - should have just ripped off Palm. -- terminaldude
  • My friend texted me to rave about her recent upgrade to iOS4 and all its cutting edge features...while I was multitasking with my @Palm #Pre --Ouill

Closing thoughts…

The new Apple iPhone 4 has arrived and it seems that there's a lot of talk about reception issues related to how the phone is held.  Strange but true. Apparently there's a "bumper" for that.

CNET's Jessica Dolcourt wrote:

"Using an accessory, like the $29 rubber bumper  Apple sells to protect the iPhone, would also break your skin's conductivity and eliminate the problem. Apple has been pushing its bumper--essentially a $30 rubber band--pretty hard, which makes us wonder if the company's marketing strategy is a cover-up for a known reception issue."

That's a wrap!