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Talkin' Palm - Edition 47

by Annie Latham Sat, 03 Jul 2010 9:53 am EDT

Well, since our last edition, the acquisition of Palm by HP has been finalized.
The Palm global business unit will report to Todd Bradley, the executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group (PSG).

Note: Not sure if the name of this column will change. Stay tuned - but we hope it does!


Here's a link to the All Thing's D write-up, and one appearing at Fierce Wireless.  And before the "Dawning of a New Day," there were some interesting comments made about HP-Palm:

"…talent hemorrhage is an all-too-common sight in Silicon Valley as buyers often seem to just assume that everybody wants to work under their wonderful regime. This time, it happened despite a friendly merger agreement; when Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo! a couple of years ago, that hostile proposal raised the hackles of every purple-blooded yahoo. The bleeding arguably killed the deal in the end."

Having owned a Palm device of one sort or another for more than a decade, stretching back to the original Pilot, it pains me to admit that the platform has become an also-ran when it comes to applications. I've yet to find a decent Twitter app (or even one I've heard of running elsewhere), Facebook is somewhat mediocre, and the iTunes sync problem is well known (as ticked as I am at Apple over blocking Palm's "illegal" iTunes sync kludge, I'm also rather frustrated with Palm for not coding one properly after all this time). And quite shockingly for a company whose heritage is the personal digital assistant, the calendar is rather inelegant when it comes to scrolling ahead or even adding appointments. I usually end up inputing new items from my desktop to Google Calendar and then syncing.--Sharon Machlis

In a somewhat related story, Elevation Partners, a major supporter of Palm leading up to its acquisition, has taken a higher stake in Facebook (five million shares for $120 million).  Elevation recently laid off a handful of staffers after the deal was secured to sell Palm to Hewlett-Packard Co. in a $1.2 billion transaction.

  • Half Price Sale Held Over - Palm decided to extend the sale for an additional two weeks. Not only will this give customers more time to explore the catalog and get great deals on apps, it will give developers more time to generate sales and revenue.
  • More good news for developers… Submission fees eliminated -- Palm just lowered the barrier to entry for their App Catalog
  • Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Now Sync Notes and Tasks in Update to The Missing Sync -- Mark/Space has just released a significant update to their popular PIM and media synchronization software for webOS phones  Version 1.2 of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre. Version 1.2 adds phone-to-desktop synchronization of notes and tasks -- between a Pre or Pixi phone and Windows PC or Mac computer.
  • App Review - Jump O'Clock -- Jump O'Clock is a crazy-addictive game that's easier to just buy, play, and lose an hour to than it is to explain - but we'll try.
  • Tip - The Back Swipe Gesture -- Replacing the need for a “Back” button throughout webOS, the Back Swipe gesture takes you back one-level within an app (for example, to go from reading an Email back to the Inbox), simply perform a half-swipe from right-to-left in the gesture area.
  • Pre-Spotting - Clay Aiken

 What's Tweetin'

  • Playing with the new iPhone 4 now. Honestly not as cool as WebOS @Palm #Pre fits in my hand better. #aboutpalmpre --Tmark86
  • I'm officially a dork. I downloaded a Vuvuzela app on my Palm Pre. --LAB128
  • Palm pre running at 800MHz is absolutely insane. My first PC in college was! -- davidccoleman
  • @NPRTechTeam Lots of us #WebOS users would sure love an NPR app. Here's a thread discussing the lack of one: --dvdmon
  • What patches would you like to see in the next OS update (s)? (Forums) Mobile: -- precentral
  • Using pReader to read an eReader book on my #Palm #Pre. Very nice. I just wish I could d/l the book directly to my Pre. -- SamKamens
  • Clarification: Palm Pre Plus on AT&T CAN be used left handed, does not effect calls in any way (via @precentral) -- MarioKaestner
  • New version of Twee for the palm pre. Looks nice. -- rguthier
  • @Spotify - Hey you guys! Any word on a Spotify app for WebOS on the Palm Pre?? -- sdmix
  • eWeek: Palm Plans Future Devices Despite HP Bid, Developer Says . More #Palm #Pre #news - -- 1stNewsHeds
  • RT @bean2: Goodbye iPhone, Hello Palm Pre Plus (for now) - #palmpre #palmpreplus #iphone -- ashcrow


  • @precentral Jump O'Clock is awesome. Snatched that one after the Great Halvsies Event started. #palm #pre #webOS via choqoK in reply to precentral -- EdCates
  • @Heartagram my sister keeps thinking my palm pre is a Microsoft kin! via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Heartagram -- pyoro1
  • PSA: Avoid Droid X Mobile Hotspot Charges, Carry a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus as a ... - ( #Palm #Pre --Crazy4Pre
  • Skype is now on the plam pre the app is web-based and all you have to do is visit on your palm Pre mobile browser. Enjoy RT --harrydinho
  • Loving my palm pre, but wish these smart phones had longer batttery life!-- ancientdance
  • FlightTrack App Now Available on Palm Pixi (and Palm Pre) #RTW -- shaiss
  • I'm proud to hold a palm pre. Ppl always knock it down but it's a good phone. Fun to use. -- MonsterBryton
  • Sometimes I wish I had kept my palm is one of those days.. --onthaTLCtip
  • Goodness. I'm able to stream a YouTube video faster on my Palm Pre than on my laptop! -- pyoro1

  • Beautiful Central Florda sky at sunset taken with my @palm #pre -- Chris_Iannuzzi
  •  RT @BestBoyZ: Review / Vorstellung: Palm Pre Plus -- Manuel__G
  • Best part about my @palm pre + you can see it in direct sunlight outside. Brightness on 13% -- mandroid2010
  • Demo of @golfpinfinder app was an epic fail. On full charge my #WebOS @Palm Pre didn't last the entire 4hr20min rnd. No calls or txt. #golf --ChippingOut
  • But I must say I like the OS on the Palm Pre. Very fast. Need to keep playing with it for a few days. Any tips appreciated. -- dsanderson
  • @precentral how do we get sprint and palm to kiss and make up? I switched to sprint for the pre, and now I love them both! --patricksmangan
  • Wow! Palm just scrapped the $50 developer app fee and refunded all developers any past fees! Now that is amazing! #webos #pre #pixi --LeeDJones
  • RT @joshuatopolsky: I miss using #webOS // Well we are all hoping @Palm gets you back w/ their Super-Pre coming :) webOS FTW! --MrKal_El

Closing Thoughts...

Indeed, it has been an interesting week.  Microsoft killed the Kin and the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 stimulated a bunch of creative posts.

What killed Kin?

"…what the basic takeaway seems to be is that the company (Microsoft) is in a serious state of flux right now. The departure of J. Allard and Robbie Bach, the death of the Courier project, and now this Kin debacle all seem to be clear signs that rapid and surprising changes are afoot. Hopefully Windows Phone 7 will power through this mess and deliver on the promises made earlier in the year -- we know that the company is capable of great things, but an atmosphere of infighting and confusion typically doesn't lead to amazing products. We've got our fingers crossed that Microsoft beats the odds."

Walt Mossberg and iPhone 4 problems


Link to the video here.

That's a wrap!