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So as we entered (and exited) the holiday weekend the talk was about HP closing the deal to acquire Palm, the confirmation of a webOS tablet, the continuation of the App Catalog sale, a webOS upgrade and the "Battle of Champions."

Battle of Champions - Laptop Magazine is at it again and once again the Palm community rallied to give the Palm Pre Plus the win!

So let's talk Palm!


Thoughts on HP-Palm...

There were stories from Bloomberg Businessweek-IDG (HP Closes Palm Deal, Confirms webOS Tablet), CrunchGear (3 Lessons HP Hopefully Learned from the iPad), and a post by Rahul Sood, founder of VoodooPC & CTO of HP's gaming business (Well there you have it, deal closed).

The deal is closed, rest assured you will see WebOS live across a number of new devices, I just can't wait to get my hands on some of the cool new stuff. No more covert BS, you will likely see more news around about HP and Palm, stay tuned and keep searching Google ;-)


Palm family settling into their new home


Another eWeek Slideshow…  Not surprising is the inclusion of the Palm Pre Plus in eWeek's list of smartphones that will fade before 2011.

Although HP acquired Palm and plans to keep the Pre brand alive, it won't be long before the company realizes that Palm's smartphones are outright failures that need to be taken from store shelves, revised and released to a more welcoming consumer base that wants what HP, not Palm, has to offer. HP will soon need to take the Pre and Pixi off store shelves and do what it must to redefine itself in the mobile business. Neither device is appealing to customers, and they stand no chance when compared with the iPhone.

Deal Watch:  Half Time App Sale Extended Again - Good news for all you app-happy folks out there: The U.S. Palm App Catalog “Half Time” sale has been extended to July 23, which means you can get most apps in the catalog for half off for a few more weeks. So this is a good time to get browsing for great new apps with Palm’s Featured Apps app. A new edition is out, with new featured Gameloft games, new “Casual Games,” as well as some entirely new categories.

Summer Tour Update  After spending the Fourth of July in Boston, the Palm Summer Tour is heading to NYC and then a Texas swing with stops in Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

What's Tweetin'

  • Cool, I won a Touchstone for my @palm #pre #webOS phone. Thank you and congratulations on your merger with @HP_PC -- TROndrey
  • Next week is when I get to FINALLY upgrade to a smart phone...the Palm Pre or the Droid? The big debate is on -- MommaDandDaBoyz
  • TheiPhoneBlog iPhone 4 vs everything – mega gallery: iPhone 4 vs iPad vs iPhone 3GS vs Palm Pre Plus vs Nexus One ... http://bit.ly/9OYZpp - @TiPb
  • WebOS really needs turn by turn navigation outside of the US. Sucks having to go back to WinMo for TomTom! #palm #pre -- LeeDJones
  • Thinking about getting a palm pre. Sick of apple and android. --matt_android
  • New post: Palm Pre Plus or Nexus One? http://bit.ly/aOvMez --wangzixuan89872
  • I have opened my @palm pre slider 9818 times. I love knowing that. I love WebOS. --akashhhhh

  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- Palm Pre Plus (Verizon Wireless)! http://youtu.be/KHopIE-zWGY?a -- mocowiz
  • @palm Support your early adopters! Push the Pre Plus to Sprint instead of making us wait for all-new hardware! -- jerrytroll
  • @palm Does hp plan to sell palm pre in China? --photobluer
  • Palm Pre WordPress App: I am just checking out a new app on my Palm Pre. I always wante... http://bit.ly/bMnGQT --ThriftyParents
  • @palm was very limited in the marketing department, I think that is why the #pre & #pixi slipped away. I don't think HP will let that happen --magerberich
  • Verizon's palm pre has a mobile hotspot feature included in their standard data plan. Connected my laptop and surfed the net. Great option! --dquatta
  • http://twitter.com/dquatta/statuses/17596875542
  • Got an email that the Palm/HP merger is a go. Coincides with VZW's decision to let me trade in my Pre for a Droid X. --spsmyth
  • RT @PalmPreLawyer: .@Pogue Please, *please* shine your light-of-justice on @VerizonWireless' clear crippling of its #Palm #Pre Plus' GPS. --asmathews
  • 1.928 apps in the German Palm App Catalog #palmpre #pre #pixi #webos #plus --palm_blog_de
  • Palm Pre/Pixi tip of the day, if you don't already know: Hold Orange, Sym, and P to take a screen capture. --VinceTM
  • New blog post: Latest NFL news - NFL Mobile Live Arriving on the Palm Pre August 1st http://bit.ly/brRh8b --gismarketing

  • Brother-in-law went swimming with Palm Pre. This after water skiing with windows phone. Dumb mistakes with smart phones. --southard
  • There's a girl here at Starbucks with a Palm Pre. Seeing those in Canada is like spotting a Yeti. (No, no pics -- t'would be impolite) --jonfingas
  • Sweet victory; an Apple employee telling me that he is going to buy a Palm Pre :) iPhone what? --ScottRPriester
  • @dspark I can beat that, heard a radio ad over the weekend in Los Angeles for AT&T introducing the Palm Pre and Pixi. --pblasman
  • Tweetin from my new palm pre... I know it's old but I stil love it! --butchauto

Closing Thoughts... Back to the Future Hoax

Apparently it was a Twitter sensation as folks actually believed that 5 July 2010 was  the day that Doc and Marty visit in "Back to the Future: Part 2." Our own @backlon even got sucked in!


That's a wrap!