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Talkin' Palm - Edition 49

by Annie Latham Fri, 16 Jul 2010 11:43 am EDT

We've hit the slowest sports days of the year. But the tech world never stops. Apple's PR nightmare continued with Consumer Reports weighing in. On the Android side, new devices are hitting the shelves. And the Palm Pre seems to be everywhere… banner ads galore.

Demonstrating that Pre/Pixi owners like to have fun, there was a bit of app talk. Plus, at the MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco this week, Palm and HP represented -- with Phil McKinney, the vice president and CTO of HP's Personal Systems Group giving the keynote address.

So let's talk Palm!


Fortune Magazine Names HP’s Todd Bradley as “Smartest Exec” in Tech
The editors of Fortune magazine put together their list of the "50 Smartest People in Tech," and under the category of Smartest Executive, HP's Todd Bradley topped the list.

"The guy definitely has brainpower, but don't take our word for it. Ask other savvy executives, including Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha, who regularly seek his counsel."

PreCentral's Dieter Bohn covered the MobileBeat conference.

"As expected, no new hardware announcements, but McKinney's understanding of the mobility market and his optimistic and open attitude should make webOS fans take heart. For the record, it does look like whatever the next hardware is going to be, it'll be based on Palm's current roadmap and not a complete reboot: "[Palm has] got some great plans and some great things coming, so stay tuned."

McKinney's goal for webOS is to break out of the spectrum of devices with television on one end and feature phones on the other, to create something that is both richly immersive and highly mobile with fewer tradeoffs than what current devices face. That asterisk off in the upper right, unbound from the line of non-mobile-but-rich televisions and highly-mobile-but-boring feature phones is the target.

iPad 3G speed test: built-in 3G vs. Google Android and Palm Pre Plus Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi tether - Rene Ritchie, from our sister site, did a post that addressed one of the questions we hear a lot:  whether or not it’s better to get an iPad with built-in 3G (which costs $130 more for the device, $15 or $30 for the service), or to get an iPad Wi-Fi and tether is via Mi-Fi or to a Google Android or Palm webOS device running Mobile HotSpot software (which costs 0 to $30 for the option).  Check out the video and see for yourself.

App News: 


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Closing thoughts...

iPhone 4 issues persist - Even Top Gear made fun of what's going on.

Palm's summer tour is in its Texas swing.

Also, don't forget this deal: 10% off Pre & Pixi accessories though today


That's a wrap!