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Talkin' Palm - Edition 50

by Annie Latham Fri, 23 Jul 2010 8:04 am EDT

You may notice that this edition has a slight tweak to the logo. Because so much of the news that rolled in this week had a strong HP slant, it was clear that the time had come to evolve the logo. So let's talk HP+Palm!

First off, on Thursday, HP's Jon Rubinstein and Todd Bradley are scheduled to talk at Fortune Brainstorm Tech.  Per the write-up by Robert, "the topic will undoubtedly be Palm and webOS." He also noted that HP has invited folks to join in on the web feed for free by using coupon code BTVTWT at the event's website.

Closing the book on the HP's purchasing of Palm, Busines Insider, Dan Frommer wrote a story that talked about the other suitors (Apple was mentioned).

Speaking of closing, in an internal memo, HP announced it is shutting down its Cupertino campuses and consolidating in Palo Alto.


Talkin' Tablets...

There was a bit of talk about HP's tablet plans. One story, by Kevin Tofel of GigaOm (Why HP Should Shelve Android Tablet Plans) included this quote from Brian Humphries, senior vice-president for corporate strategy and development at HP:

"Ultimately, the Palm webOS and Apple are the two that can scale best over multiple devices, and we are going to compete with Apple … in the broader mobile category."

HP Hints at webOS's Next Incarnation: 'PalmPad' was one story that appeared.  Another, at CrunchGear, talked about the PalmPad being put head-to-head with a Windows 7 Slate.

There’s no reason to expect anything different from HP’s tablet offering and the Palmpad trademark — if it’s ever used — clearly indicates that. Perhaps the plan all along was to keep the Palm name intact (as with Compaq) and produce webOS devices under that brand. This would allow HP to test the water in the Windows 7’s pool with an HP-branded model instead of relying solely on a Palm-branded tablet.


You may have seen this video on the PalmPad

Can webOS Rise in the Enterprise? Galen Gruman wrote a story pondering a possibility for webOS:

The attraction for HP in pushing webOS into the corporate space is clear: First, there's much less competition right now, as the only legitimate options are the BlackBerry and the iPhone (Windows Mobile is essentially dead, and Windows Phone 7 can't possibly succeed given how outdated the new OS is proving to be). Second, HP's relationship with businesses gives it a leg up on consumer-oriented rivals such as HTC and Apple when approaching corporate buyers. Unless Research in Motion's forthcoming BlackBerry 6 OS finally pulls the BlackBerry into the present, there'll be a big hole to fill in the corporate smartphone market.

But HP has a lot of work to do with the WebOS and the Palm Pre device before it can try to fill that gap. 

Palm and HP at OSCON2010: 'Open source is inevitable'

"…We’re here at OSCON2010 where HP’s Phil Robb and Palm’s Josh Marinacci just gave a talk on HP’s commitment to open source and how they play a major part in that space. Phil Robb discussed at length how they contribute by citing numbers: 90% of HP’s Printers, 50% of enterprise hardware and some 20% of personal systems employ open source technology."

App News


Update: Palm Summer Tour


What's Tweetin'


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  • Getting a @Palm #pre on Monday! My heart explodes with joy! --jackthefur
  • @pyoro1 ...The Pre needs to evolve. New hardware..Webos has out grown the phone. I believe in Palm and the Family that supports it. --Maddcat_Jazzboi
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  • Sorry for stating the obvious.. But this @palm pre is really a solid business phone. --HenryLevak

Closing Thoughts:

Mark Antony: I'm glad you're so confident ... some would call it hubris.

Caesar: It's only hubris if I fail. **

As this edition wraps, thoughts go to Antenna-gate-- the story that just won't die.  ComputerWorld's Mitch Wagner wrote in "What Steve Jobs should have said about the iPhone 4 antenna:

The iPhone's antenna design was a trade-off: You get better reception under most conditions, and a smaller phone with better battery life. Unfortunately, under some conditions, you'll get worse reception.

He points to the write-up by Daring Fireball's John Gruber.

Another interesting piece came from Jeff Orr of ABI Research who drew the analogy between Apple’s dilemma and the problems faced by Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan.

"The image that each (Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, and Apple, for example) has built requires superhuman performance. Any slip-ups (whether real or perceived) throw their heroics into question. Should the media and consumers be held responsible for these false expectations of Apple? No, the company’s excellent marketing and branding campaigns have created it."

That's a wrap!


**Note: Quote taken from HBO's Rome series.