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Talkin' Palm - Week ending 13 Feb 10

by Annie Latham Mon, 15 Feb 2010 10:04 am EST

There was quite a bit of chatter this week covering reviews of the Pre Plus, reaction to the Verizon Pre Plus "Mom" ads, run-up to what may come at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and some PALM analyst movements. So let's talk Palm!

Palm's stock closed out the week at $9.99. There was a bit of uplifting news starting with Citi raising its rating to Hold from Sell. Another firm, Wedbush Morgan Securities initiated coverage of the shares with a Neutral rating and price target of $10.50.

The last bit of uplifting news was talk about the Pre possibly arriving at AT&T in May. Citibank's analyst believes that more insight into carrier interest for Palm's webOS devices may come out during the Mobile World Congress (Our own Dieter Bohn is attending and will be providing reports and insights).

Other Palm ponderables include this piece from John Paczkowski of All Things Digital (Digital Daily) who wonders if the Verizon deal is enough for a Palm turnaround. And VentureBeat says Palm is beat. Devindra Hardawar wrote:

"At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google ends up overtaking Palm in the next numbers. The Nexus One has garnered a ton of buzz in a very short amount of time, and Palm couldn’t really compete with their minor Pre Plus and Pixi Plus hardware upgrades for Verizon. With the Nexus One coming to Verizon in spring, along with constant news of upcoming Android phones, Android will definitely overtake Palm’s market share within the first half of 2010."

On the plus side, webOS has started to show up in AdMob reports.

A story that seemed to get a lot of traction both in the financial community and Twitter was how Palm's manufacturing partners Foxconn and Compal have temporarily shut down production of the Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pixi Plus. No this isn't a Toyota type of issue. Instead, it is in observance of Chinese New Year.

“In anticipation of the Verizon Wireless launch and Chinese New Year, we increased production levels prior to February, and anticipate ramping production back up after the Chinese New Year ends.”

Enough with the zig zag of Palm corporate news.  What else was notable this week?

>> Palm Quiz - webOS Test Your Knowledge...

>> Fact: It's called Meta-Tap...

>> Smartphone Round Robin Wrap.  Includes this from Matthew Miller

"Palm webOS devices are very attractive in the mobile space today and my long affair with Palm is a major factor that keeps me thinking about one of their devices. I am still not completely sold out on the idea of Palm gaining any huge market share in the mobile space though and still think they have a lot to prove in 2010."

And the winner is...

>> App Watch:

The excitement about Google Buzz was quickly quelled when it was pointed out that Android and Apple's iPhone would be the first ones with the mobile version.

Additions to the App Catalog. Again, there were daily additions to the App Catalog: Feb 8, Feb 9, Feb 10, and Feb 11.

>> Sightings. This week, it was the KGB Superbowl Ad.

>> What's Tweetin'. Here's a quick rundown of what's been tweeted about this week.

RT @vara411: As if TEXTING via @KGB would get you an answer faster than Universal Search on a @Palm Pre? I hiiiiighly doubt it. //me too!

"... I slipped on ice with my Palm Pre in my hand. Luckily that cheap case I bought for it SAVED it. No dings! Case is broken but who cares? - chiJRT"

"PRINT TWEEPS:Hearing PALM PRE & PIXI updating their OS & you'll get better messaging & VIDEO RECORDING/EDITING! Likely 2 drop NEXT Monday!"

"I’m now a little embarrassed when I have to pull out my “mom” phone to take a call, or check a text. With it’s stereotyping I think that Verizon is alienating potential male customers, and putting shame to those men out there that already own the phone. So Verizon, hopefully these few Palm Pre ads blow over, but if you even dare advertise the Pixi as “grandma’s phone” so help me..."

" product stands out above the others that should be given consideration as the most important product of the year so far - - the Palm Pre Plus smartphone."

Accessibility, connectivity and differentiation are the categories mentioned.

Definitely a lot of activity in the world of Palm.  That's a wrap!