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Talkin' Palm - Week ending 16 Jan 10

by Annie Latham Tue, 19 Jan 2010 11:14 am EST

The excitement is starting to build on the Verizon front regarding the availability of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on January 25.  Above is the full page ad that appeared in Friday's Wall Street Journal, which we think may offer a hint about what sort of ad campaign Verizon and Palm are planning.

If you're looking to go Pre or Pixi on Verizon, the big story at the end of the week was the new pricing for Verizon's Data Plan.  Our own Derek did a post on what the tweak means for Pre and Pixi lovers.

So what else happened in the world of Palm?


The week also showed a lot of post-CES momentum. IGN named the Palm Pre Plus "Best Smartphone."  John Sutter and Brandon Griggs of CNN named the Palm Pre Plus as one of the 10 cool new toys from CES, stating:

"Why it's cool: Wi-Fi everywhere you go, without paying Starbucks fees or buying a wireless card, sounds pretty sweet.

The week ended in an up day for the PALM stock on Friday ($13.56 up $0 .72), when the Dow itself was down. Nothing like the rekindling of rumors to stir things up. This time, the buzz is that Nokia and Motorola are angling to buy Palm.

Elevation Partners had another ex-Apple person join. Avie Tevanian, who once served as Apple’s chief software technology officer, is now a managing director.

FT on Palm: Richard Waters of the Financial Times posted a story "Palm seeks to build sales off strong platform" resulting from an interview with Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein.

He didn't do it. By now, you have probably seen the post by Kara Swisher that contains video of her discussion with Rubinstein (Yes, Palm CEO Did Say He Never Used an iPhone and More Video from D@CES Event).

Thoughts on Keyboards -- Pixi Plus and Pre Plus.  Tim Conneally posted a pre-Mobile World Congress look at the best handset keyboards. He had this to say about the Pixi Plus:

"Even though the keyboard of the Pixi is nearly identical to the Pre's in most respects, there is one major difference: The rows of keys are straight across, and not "smiling." The effect this has on typing is noticeable. My speed and accuracy were significantly better on the Pixi than on the Pre, and were just about on par with the BlackBerry Curve. The Pixi has definitely become a much more desirable device with the Plus version, and should be seriously considered by users who send more than 5,000 texts a month."

Vimeo for the Pre. According to a tip from xioq, video website now has a mobile site ( and it is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android or Palm Pre.

"They don't name the Pixi but it's just a website not an application, so it'll work on that as well. It's just 1 click to convert your own video's to the mobile standard, and in my experience so far the website looks great on the Pre. You can not upload videos directly, but there is a mobile e-mailaddress where you could mail them to. Which might me nice in combination with the 1.4 update and Video recording.

App Watch:  For the latest in what's new, go here.   Also, check out the PreCentral webOS App Gallery.  Robert has done a quick overview of "AppScoop!" (free) that allows for the viewing of all of the non-reviewed web only applications (all 17 of them, at this point).  MotionApps seems to be coming around on getting the Classic Palm OS emulator running on the Pixi. Screenshots have been posted on Facebook.

Some interesting charts on apps appeared this week:

Palm Blog - Tips & More.  Tip on webOS Bookmarks was posted by Parissa M., of Palm's Customer Support.  Also from Palm's blog, Jon Zilber did a post about Palm webOS app information being available as a publicly accessible data feed. 

Smartphone Round Robin Update.  Matthew Miller of NokiaExperts offers his thoughts on webOS.

What's Tweetin'.  In addtion to many of the topics above, here are a few more items that  have been tweeted about this week.

OtterBox addresses Pre's Slider - At CES, OtterBox announced a new case line, the Tandem Series cases designed to provide "flagship protection" for the Palm Pre.  Per  Curt Richardson, OtterBox CEO, “The Tandem Series is a completely new design for us and we have spent significant time and effort to offer not only protection, but functionality.”  The two piece construction works as follows:

  • The first shell attaches to the front of the smartphone and the second shell attaches to the back.
  • Silicone around the outside edges of the case offers protection against bumps and the polycarbonate shells offer stability to withstand light impact.
  • Once the case is assembled, it allows for complete functionality, even when sliding the display screen up and down.


What Palm and Apple have in common... There were references to a post which made favorable comparisons between Apple and Palm.

With Apple and Palm, it may seem they are walking different paths, but they have this mobile system approach in common. And with it, they reach a higher number of satisfied customers with a higher number of software developers. Developers that can concentrate on implementing great native applications instead of working the issues of having a customer base with different versions of one OS on various devices with different specifications, input methods, and screen sizes and resolutions. Apple and Palm have each in their hands a steady software and hardware platform with great/promising results. And both systems are not near their peaks.

Flash Game Demo on the Pre.  There was a lot of excitement around Flash.

7Touch Group Blog - Palm Pre Sets The New High Bar for Smartphones.

That's a wrap!