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It's a pretty cool phone...

Says Jon Fortt, Fortune' Brainstorm Tech when describing the new Palm Pixi Plus arriving at Verizon on Monday.  He remarked, "Even without the WiFi trick, there is plenty to like about the Pixi Plus." Other reviewers were not so kind. He did make a point to say this: 

"Until now, Palm has had a first-rate mobile operating system hidden behind small-screen phones on Sprint’s network. The Pixi Plus and Pre Plus address the network issue. Now it’s time to really upgrade the hardware."

The bulk of the happenings this week were related to the "Plus" webOS devices which will be available on Monday from Verizon. There was also a lot of talk about the new pricing plans announced by Verizon and AT&T. 

Let's talk Palm by continuing the rundown of reviews.


Rundown of Reviews
Obviously, the best source is here at PreCentral. Dieter's 10 minute video is a great place to start. Check out the Review & Gallery, the Pre Plus Review and a round-up of what everyone else is saying.  A hilarious take is David Pogue's magic trick video (David Pogue "Palm Pre Plus Magic").

The Network: AT&T vs. Verizon.  Digital Daily's John Paczkowski had an interesting post about what it would take for AT&T's to match Verizon's network capabilities... billions!

"At least $5 billion, and perhaps as much as $7 billion. That’s what it would cost AT&T to match Verizon’s current level of investment in network infrastructure and, presumably, match its performance." Wow!

Palm at the Game Developer's Conference.  Taking place in March in San Francisco, just up the road from Palm’s Sunnyvale headquarters, Palm's hour-long presentation is titled “An Overview to Creating Games with Palm's Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).”

Smartphone Round Robin - iPhone Guy takes on the Palm Pre. Rene Ritchie of TiPb (The iPhone Blog) test drives the Pre and Pixi with guidance from  Dieter.


App Store Additions.  It was a good week for apps with daily posts on additions to the catalog. Fri, Thu, Wed, and Tues.

webOS Shortcut Tips.  This week's tip comes from Calvin P. of Palm's Customer Support (GR8 shortcuts for bz ppl).  Universal Search is a pretty powerful feature. For example, if you type vid, you get to YouTube and the Videos apps. Here are some others: store = App Catalog, pic(ture) = Photos, sms or text = Messaging, and eve(nts) = Calendar. 

What's Tweetin'.  Here's a quick rundown on some of the popular topics being tweeted about.

Help Haiti.  Let's not forget, there are ample opportunities to chip in and help the disaster relief efforts in Haiti. In a post on Palm's blog by Jon Zilber, he discussed a new free app in by Palm webOS developer Mediafly called "Hope for Haiti Now" that allows you to watch the fundraiser on Friday and donate with just a few taps. Great idea. However, now that the telethon is over, it will be interesting to see if archival footage will be available for anyone who missed the live broadcast.

That's a wrap!