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Talkin' Pre (& Pixi) -- Week ending 14 Nov

by Annie Latham Mon, 16 Nov 2009 12:59 pm EST

Rumors of a takeover and the arrival of the Palm Pixi seems to have pumped some life into things this week.   Joy that the new Pixi commercials aren't featuring "the creepy lady" has people Snoopy dancing in "Twitter-land." And with all the talk about the Pixi, it was time to expand the name of this weekly feature. So let's talk Pre & Pixi!

Encouraging news for PALM... The week started on a positive note as Merrill Lynch came out very positive on Palm -- reiterating their Buy rating and $20 price target ahead of multiple catalysts.  By the end of the week, rumblings about Nokia potentially buying Palm caused a stir and definitely served to negate any downdraft from Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Northeast Securities, who said in published reports that his sell-through checks show a “substantial decline” in recent Pre sales.

Pre Participating in Shootouts... As the Droid got into more and more hands, a lot of comparisons hit showing how it matched up with the Palm Pre and the iPhone and BlackBerry. Both CNET UK and Infoworld matched the Pre up with various new products.

Robert Scoble wrote an article, "The Droid fails AS A PRODUCT when compared to Palm Pre and iPhone" that's worth a read.

In terms of world expansion, this week Palm announced that the Pre was landing in Mexico with Telcel on Nov. 27.

Sprint News

Sprint had a busy week. News broke that they were planning to cut up to 2500 workers. But the positive part of that story, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that "Sprint, sensitive to its slowly reviving reputation for its service, said the cuts won't affect customer-facing positions." Also this:

Under Chief Executive Dan Hesse, the company has made a lot of progress in how it deals with its subscribers. Over the last two years, the company has closed 27 call centers because of the lower volume of customer complaints."

That's good news!

In other Sprint news, they announced a deal with Bravo for the Real Housewives series. Plus Bravo's Top Chef can be found on Sprint TV. Lastly, Thursday's NFL match-up between the Niners and the Bears looked great on the Pre.  All five picks of Jay Cutler came across clear and in sync with the NFL Network's on air broadcast.

Pixi News

The Palm Pixi garnered all kinds of attention.  For example, Palm announced that pre-orders were being taken on the of limited-edition Palm Pixi Artist Series back covers. Starting November 15, you’ll be able to pre-order your choice of these Touchstone-compatible creations for $49.99 from

Reviews started to hit. Here's one example where PC World's Ginny Mies rated it a Very Good (with an 83 score).

+ Great features in WebOS
+ Cute, pocketable design

- Can be slow to open/close apps
- No Wi-Fi

"If you plan on using your phone mostly for messaging and social networking, the Pixi is definitely for you. If you're more into gaming and watching videos, however, you'll want to opt for something else."

You can find a roundup of reviews here at PreCentral, as well as PreCentral's own comprehensive Pixi review.

Another Pixi story making the rounds was about how WalMart is showing a $29.99 Pixi.

Kind of mind-boggling to think the Artist series back covers will cost more.

PC Magazine's Dan Costa harped on the apps issue (as in lack of...).

"Out of the box, the Palm Pre can go tap for tap with any phone on the market, including the iPhone. The Web browser is top notch, the ability to merge work and personal e-mail works like a charm, and call quality is pretty good. The slide-out keyboard isn't great, but the iPhone's isn't even real. The battery life, to be blunt, is terrible. But the iPhone 3G doesn't win any awards there, either. And I would much prefer Sprint's 3G network to AT&T's 3G network—even in New York City. No, the only real advantage the iPhone has is its App Store. And that advantage seems to be growing every day."

"The Pixi is cute, cheap, easy, and unlike the Centro, it's launching with an OS that is truly state of the art. I hope Palm sells two million of them in 2010. But what the company really needs are 100 incredibly useful apps. Frankly, I would settle for 50. Fewer than that and my fingers will start to wander to other phones."

Probably the most celebrated news had to do with the new Pixi ads. Stories at Digital Daily and TechCrunch's CrunchGear made a big deal about the fact that the "Creepy Lady" was gone.

That's a wrap!