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Talkin' Pre (& Pixi) -- Week ending 28 Nov

by Annie Latham Mon, 30 Nov 2009 11:26 am EST

As the Thanksgiving holiday rolled into Black Friday, deals dominated the news. There was also a lot of talk about "cloud" issues and the impact on syncing. The app catalog continued to grow, and plenty more happened.

So without further ado, let's talk Pre & Pixi.


Deals, deals, deals!!

The week before Thanksgiving, Engadget posted a story titled, "Palm Pixi one step closer to free, now $25 on Amazon." And David Pogue made this remark:

"Twenty-five bucks for an app phone? That's unbelievable. (Or, rather, it emphasizes how irrelevant a phone's starter price really is. The true cost is embedded in your two years of monthly service fees--in this case, $2,309.)"

Things got more interesting as we neared Black Friday. The Shack (AKA Radio Shack) serenaded us with a "Shack Friday" song that bounced along to the beat of the old "Let's all go to the movies" tune. Now look closely at this ad from The Shack...

John Paczkowski of All Things Digital did a post about smartphone pricing here he wondered if the deals, that are a "win" for consumers, may be undermining the smartphone’s price potential in the long term.

Comparison videos: Pre vs. Pixi
If you are interested in learning how the Pre and Pixi stack up against each other, check out this video. It compares things like Boot Time, Application load time, Browsing with both devices on EVDO, Camera performance, the number of cards each can have open at once, etc.

Comparison: Palm Pre vs. BlackBerry Storm 2
A website called Hot Mobile Phone Offers has done a write-up comparing the Palm Pre with Research in Motion's newest BlackBerry Storm -- the Storm 2. Here's a comment from the author, PatrickMoorhead:

"The Palm Pre is definitely aimed towards those who are after a BlackBerry type of user experience, but I don’t think it has managed to do this. It’s a real shame, because the touch-screen device boasts a delightful user interface, and a virtual, on-screen keyboard would have worked really well. The mobile app store has been criticised, because is sparsely populated, with around 100 apps to choose from. But give it a break, it a new phone and OS, so you can’t really expect too many apps straight away."

Comparison video: Palm Pre vs. iPhone vs. Moto Droid with Google Another way to quickly check out the differences between the Palm Pre and other popular smartphones is to view the YouTube video PhoneArena did.  In 7 minutes, the Pre was compared with the Apple iPhone and the Motorola Droid.

Palm Drops iTunes Workaround: A story that rocked the Palm Pre world hit the week before Thanksgiving, when word got out that Palm was dropping its iTunes workaround.  In her post, Jenna Wortham of the New York TImes' Bits Blog (Palm Drops iTunes Workaround, for Now) captured these thoughts from Michael Gartenberg, vice president for strategy and analysis at Interpret, a market research firm based in Los Angeles and New York, who noted how important the iTunes ecosystem is for consumers:

“Palm will probably come up with a Plan B to ensure users don’t get caught in this battle,” he said.

For example, Palm could develop its own software that would allow Pre and Pixi users to sync with iTunes, as other handset manufacturers like Research In Motion have done.

No worries... Media Monkey to the rescue...  Looking for a Plan B? Check out Media Monkey. Their newest version syncs with some of the most popular smartphones, including the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, and Android phones, as well as with all of the latest iPods including the iPod Nano 5G, and iPod Touch 3G. As noted on their website, "This should prove especially useful to Palm Pre and Android phone owners who are unable to sync their devices with the latest versions of iTunes."

Cloud Computing issue causes a stir... and was jumped on by Apple Insider.  There were a ton of tweets about it.  On Friday, Derek did a post asking what kind of sync users wanted. If you haven't done it yet, jump over there and cast your vote.

What's new in the Palm App Catalog... The count is up to 475 now with iFart making the list. There are quite a few wallpaper additions as well.

Top Stocks app an attention getter... Robert did a post about Top Stocks, an app that serves as a financial markets information aggregator. 

"Top Stocks, and stock market junkies should take note: this program is easily one of the most flexible and highly configurable applications in this category."

Let's all check out the movies... Google now has a great way to see trailers from your Pre or Pixi.

Note:  This feature really worked well on the Pixi when I tried it.

That's a wrap!