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by webos catalog Thu, 07 Apr 2011 4:57 pm EDT
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This application has been reviewed by P|C at http://www.precentral.net/app-review-gtd-tasks-hand . Most requests have been answered.

tasks@hand makes you more productive by shifting your attention from what you need to do, to what you are doing. This nifty task tracker will get you back into control of what you need to get done. tasks@hand helps you in following David Allen's much praised Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology.

In order to keep your life organized, we keep track of tasks based on what you need in order to accomplish the task (contexts), on your intentions of doing the task (states), on the people that connect to it (contacts) and on possible deadlines. You can easily outline a project by creating subtasks of arbitrary depth, each with arbitrary contexts, state, or contacts attached to them. You can use it both to manage your projects as to manage your todo list.

Among the most important features:
-QuickView showing you what you should do now
-Unlimited amount of contexts
-Weekly and monthly review
-Backup through email
-Attach any and as many Synergy contacts as you want to a task
-Show contacts you need to talk to
-Attach files to tasks
-Various ways of viewing deadlines
-Inbox to show incompletely defined tasks
-Reorder almost any list with tasks or contexts
-Global order of tasks automatically enables the next action for a project
-Built for power users

Get back in control. Streamline your life & use tasks@hand to help you with that.

TO USERS (1): If you have a feature request, use the precentral forum (preferred) or the mail option as found in the Help menu. I can't reply if you ask for features as a review.
TO USERS (2): There's a new page in the manual describing what's new in each release. Check it!

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