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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:20 pm EST
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DESCRIPTION: Save fuel & track automobile mileage, service & expenses with TealAuto, the supercharged complete log book for your car or any vehicle. With numerous depth and customization options, TealAuto is unmatched in features and functionality. Use TealAuto to record all your car, truck or motorcycle fueling, trips, and service stops, and then generate reports and graphs based on those records.

Unique features include an unlimited number of vehicles, mixed currencies, fuel quantity, distance and odometer units, extensive customization options, fueling entries, trip records, service reminders, line graphs, bar charts, summary reports, comparison reports, a parking meter reminder, and data exporting and importing to and from text and CSV files on your USB drive, and the optional TealAuto Desktop component for your PC, available separately. For more info, please see the full TealAuto manual at tealpoint.com.

UPDATES: 2.3.7 add automatic detection and correction of corrupted data files. 2.3.6 fixes crashes trying to add services to a newly created vehicle prior to savingit. 2.3.5 adds animation to modal windows.

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