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by cyberprashant Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:12 pm EST
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Keep up-to-date on the latest news, entertainment, and technology headlines with TechTray Lite!! A RSS/Atom feed reader that allows you to quickly browse headlines from 50 of the top technology, news and entertainment sites. Tap each story to get an expanded description without having to open the web page. Click on "web" globe icon below each story to open it up in the web browser. Email, Digg, or Facebook a story to your friends! The feeds will show # of diggs! This LITE version of TechTray is Free, Ad-supported!! Get the FULL, ad-free version of TechTray to also Twitter or Text stories to your friends, add/change feeds, and import feeds from Google Reader!! Try the lite version, and get the FULL version!!
(To use Digg, and Facebook posting features, you should use your Pre's web browser to login to those sites first and choose the "remember me" option. You can close the browser once you have done so and post from TechTray). NEW in 0.7.821: Improved Feed Parsing for some feeds. Fixed Typographical Errors and re-arranged the default feeds. Add WebOS Roundup to the default feeds.

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