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by rmackay Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:45 pm EST
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This is one of the most detailed themes around - theming over 1,000 image files in the Pre. Details like the email flag being a longhorn, custom clock faces, memos, backgrounds on photos/browser/videos, launcher icons, messaging, boot screen, notes, sprint navigation, etc. Lots and lots of attention to detail.

NOTE!!! This takes about 5-10 minutes to load via WebOSQuickInstall v2.96. Do not unplug your Pre until it finishes. Be patient!

This theme is so detailed, that it is normal to get warning messages about missing files... it just means that you do not have the specific 3rd party app installed that the theme is trying to "paint". You can just press OK/Continue for these messages.

Now WebOS 1.3.5 compatible via WebOSQuickInstall v2.96! - You will get a handfull of error messages about a file not found, etc. - just keep pressing OK until the theme completes. So, far the only impact I can find is that the PDF Viewer is not getting touched. Enjoy!... and see you in Pasadena!!!

Feedback welcomed.

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