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Themed: webICS

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Jan 2012 8:09 pm EST

Today brought the first release of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod9 Alpha 0 to the TouchPad. It's the latest version of Android, made up all pretty for the TouchPad. Or at least, that's the end goal. Right now, CM9 certainly brings the pretty, but it also brings rough edges that would make sandpaper swoon. And it's not webOS, and honestly, that's our one true love here. Curse the temptress Android and her Netflix ways!

And while we do love the look of webOS, there's something to be said for the minimalist appoach taken by Matias Duarte and the Android 4.0 team. It's simple and flat and the best looking Android yet. If you're the type that likes that look (we kind of like it too, it's okay to admit it) but don't want to give up all that webOS has to offer, then we'd like to introduce you to a new webOS theme you'll want to check out: webICS.

Put together by ZeroWingUK, webICS takes the standard webOS user interface and mixes in a healthy amount of Ice Cream. The launcher's all flat and black, the launcher icon and other default icons have picked up Android-inspired looks, the Just Type box has gone all square, and the wallpaper and lockscreen are totally ICS in look. Open up an app, however, and you're right back to the webOS 3.0 we know and love.

Interested? Of course you are. Go ahead and check out webICS by ZeroWingUK!