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Think you can convince LG to make webOS mobile devices? Here, have a petition.

LG is buying webOS from HP and they've stated their intentions: smart TVs and eventually other things. But those other things don't include smartphones and tablets, no, LG's perfectly happy with the millions of Android devices they've sold. No need to mess with what's working for them.

But what about us, the webOS faithful? What about those webOS-powered smartphones and tablets we crave so? Short of storming LG's Seoul headquarters and forcing them to design, produce, and distribute webOS mobile devices (a long term occupation proposition, no doubt), the best we can do is try to make our voices heard. So you can bombard LG with your requests, send them snail mail (don't forget, postage to Korea is going to take a few more stamps), and sign petitions.

While it's highly unlikely that any of the above are going to change LG's mind unless they're slammed with hundreds of thousands of messages, it doesn't hurt to affix your name to an online petition, does it? With that spirit in mind, webOS Nation Forum member allen832008 put up a petition on Change.org with exactly that goal in mind. Things have been a little slow, signature-gathering-wise since the petition went up late last month, but as we heard so often with webOS over the past few years - webOS is a marathon, not a sprint. We've just never been clear on what exactly waits at the finish line and just how far away it is