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Time Inc. is expanding mobile options to include all 21 magazines

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 03 Aug 2011 11:28 am EDT

According to a Press Release picked up by our sister-site, Android Central, Time Inc. is going to be expanding the titles that are available on mobile devices, like the HP TouchPad, to include all 21 of their major magazine publications and subscriptions. While we've already had access to their regular Time branded magazine, we'll soon also be getting access to Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, People and 16 more titles from the magazine publication giant.

With the increased content that will be available on your TouchPad (and all other major tablet devices), Time will be including some of the same ads that we've grown used to seeing in those old-school print magaziness (they'll be classy). Barnes & Noble has come to an agreement with Time to allow subscriptions and single-issue purchases within their Nook Color as well, but there's no word yet on what specific options will be for other tablet owners at this time.

As for us, we've been enjoying the Time Magazine app on the TouchPad since the release a month ago, but it's a good thing to see other titles coming to our webOS devices sometime this year. Can never have enough Sport Illustrated to read during work breaks.